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Occupational Health Screening Audiometer

Occupational Health

KUDUwave Prime
Screening Audiometer

Speed and accuracy are essential to occupational health screening. The KUDUwave Prime helps you to meet the demands of high-volume audiometric screening without the need for an audiometric booth.



KUDUwave™ Plus
Diagnostic Audiometer

The KUDUwave™ Plus is the only portable diagnostic audiometer that has been validated for accurate diagnostic testing without a sound booth and, includes Air Conduction, Bone Conduction and Speech testing.


Clinic, Research and Audiology

Clinic, Research and Audiology

KUDUwave Pro
High-frequency Audiometer

The KUDUwave™ Pro includes all the features of the KUDUwave™ Plus as well as high-frequency(16k) testing and is ideal for audiology practices, research teams and monitoring of ototoxicity.


Boothless Audiometry

KUDUwave advanced technology outperforms (single wall) audiometric sound booths and enables truly portable audiometry in almost any testing environment.
Whether for hearing conservation, occupational health, diagnostics or high-frequency testing, the KUDUwave provides a true alternative to traditional audiometry equipment.

Tele-audiology Enabled

The ability to offer services at a distance means that you can be where you are needed most from the comfort of your practice through the power of telemedicine.
Tele-audiology capabilities coupled with integrated patient management cloud storage features enable state of the art tele-audiology services almost anywhere in the world.

Intuitive Audiometry Software

KUDUwave 5 software is simple and easy to use. The well-defined interface allows you to seamlessly switch between patient capturing and testing tasks so you can save time and improve efficiency.
It includes the core test battery such as pure tone audiometry (Bone conduction and air conduction) and speech testing. No license fees or subscriptions.

Cloud Connected Software

No more paperwork, no more duplications. Simply backup and/or share patient records with internal systems for company-wide retrieval or from branch to branch. With our cloud-enabled features, your data is fully encrypted, safe, and easily retrievable no matter what happens.

Integrated Patient Data

Store your records, manage your patients and test from within a single interface. KUDUwave software provides both patient management and audiometry software in a unified system that allows you to switch from testing to record keeping quickly and easily with no limits on the number of patients you need to store.

Automatic Or Manual Control

Work while you work with time-saving automated conditioning (multi-lingual) and testing. Set your own automated test protocol for repeatable testing just the way you like it or easily switch to manual control on the fly.