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The KUDUwave software is a culmination of almost 10 years of development & it works like a dream. Integrated patient management system & cloud storage coupled with tele-audiology enabled features means that you can take your services to those who need it most!

Take advantage of streamlined patient data capture, seamless test mode switching (automatic and manual), cloud storage and synchronization and much more.

Easily move from patient data capture right into testing and on to the assistive interpretation feature in a seamless workflow. Effortless synchronisation and backup of patient data in the cloud and more...  

Like our audiometers, KUDUwave 5 combines best-in-class technologies to help speed up common tasks without compromising on quality or speed.

And best of all, KUDUwave audiometry software is free, forever.

That's right, no annual license fees and no installation fees. Updates are free of charge too.

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Speed and Productivity

KUDUwave 5 software allows you to seamlessly switch between patient capturing and testing tasks so you can save time and improve efficiency.

It includes the core audiology test battery such as Pure Tone Audiometry (Bone conduction and Air conduction), Speech Audiometry and soon Tympanometry too.

Engineered for accurate and reliable test results that save you and your patient valuable time. “Work while you work” with automated testing and patient conditioning. Set the test to start and get on with your tasks while the test completes. Or, follow the test in real-time so you can jump in to take over manually.

Custom macros allow you to customise your testing protocol giving you the ability to create the automated audiometry process that works for you.

All the benefits of testing automation and the ability to jump in on the fly for manual control.




Macros allow you to create or modify a protocol according to the results you would like to achieve.

smart folder-1In practical terms, a clinician who is conducting a school screening according to the WHO standard would only test 500 Hz to 4000 Hz frequency, from 25 dBHL to 35 dBHL.

Simply set the macro to test within those parameters automatically and never worry about standards compliance again while saving tons of time!

Get Smart With Smart Folders

Smart folders are an extension of the Macro functionality and take your folder structure to the next level. Smart folders allow you to select a folder or subfolder and set a specific protocol or test procedure to that folder group.

Performing occupational health tests? Select the occ-health smart folder option and follow the predefined process for data capture, patient history, baselines, follow ups or exits.

The process is then defined for all folders within the nested group. No more deviation, no more searching for tests. Simple repeatable processes for maximum efficiency and compliance.




Assistive Interpretation

A software feature that intelligently and efficiently assists you with interpreting results.

Assistive interpretation makes interpreting results quicker, easier and more accurate by referencing multiple standards to interpret audiogram results such as ASHA, BSHA, SANS, OSHA, Katz, and WHO. The broad overview incorporating all of these standards assists you in interpreting your results so you never miss a beat nor lift a finger to calculate your results.  Automatically calculate interpretations for Pure Tone Audiometry, Ototoxicity and PLH interpretationa a the click of a button.

Pure Tone Audiometry interpretation:

Interpret audiogram results with a single click and view; the grade of hearing loss, air-bone gap calculation, symmetry indication and much  more.

Ototoxicity Interpretation:

Automatic assessment using multiple ototoxicity criteria standards assists you in analysing whether the patient has ototoxicity or not. Automatically compare baseline and follow-up audiograms with clear reporting so you can easily identify the affected  frequency.

PLH Interpretation:

Save a ton of time by automatically calculating and determining PLH from the audiogram based on the frequencies 500, 1000, 2000, 3000 and 4000 Hz  without referencing a long table.






A digital calibration verification tool built into your software and hardware designed for accurate calibration verification on the go. Replace daily biological test routines with objective, digital and accurate testing that saves you time and ensures the precision of your results. Learn More




Seamless Continuity.

Synchronise patient data to all your connected systems.

secure cloudweb2Synchronise data between devices, teams and/or branches. View test results from remote locations  when they come in with KUDUwave cloud sync. Easily work with distributed teams as if they were in the room with you. No more doubling up on patient data from branch to branch or team to team. Evaluate and interpret patient results from the comfort of your home. With everything synchronised and safely backed up, you never have to worry about record maintenance or possible loss again.




Built-In Patient Management

KUDUwave 5 patient management helps to keep your patient data organised with simple folder based structure.

patient managementweb2If you are seeing patients from hospital A, in multiple wards, or companies with multiple departments, simply nest your folders accordingly. It’s as simple as Windows, no learning curve required. Searching and finding patients is quick and easy so you are never left with orphaned or duplicated patient records.


Patient Data.

Capturing patient data is childsplay. Adding contact details, employment info and notes is quick and there are no limits on how many patients you can store. You can even take a photo of your patient so it is easy to recognise them on their next visit.


Patient data, test results, and clinical notes are all safe and accessible from a single interface.  We know the importance of data security is important to you - which makes it important to us! That is why your data is fully encrypted both on your PC and in the cloud where it is securely stored on world-class Microsoft Azure web servers.

Customisable Patient Reports.

Out with presenting generic audiograms to patients. Add a personal and professional touch to your reports. Upload your own branding at a click of a button and your printed audiograms will represent your practice like a pro.




Getting Started Is Easy.

Download the free audiometry software using the form on this page. Install the software, plug in your KUDUwave and start the program. Fill in your details on the open screen- and you are good to go.

The full KUDUwave experience is designed to make your life easier and ensure testing success.

Access the KUDUwave academy for interactive content that shows you everything you need to know about your device and its software. Complete the course and receive a certificate of proficiency to frame on your practice wall.

Any problems, no problem. Simply get online with a support guru through chat on KUDUwave.com or facebook messenger, twitter or email. We are always ready to help.




Kuduwave Software - Hardware Compatibility.

The software is available in multiple languages for most windows devices (windows 7 and up).  All you need is at least 2 available USB ports and you are on your way.

From the moment you install your KUDUwave software and plug in your device everything just works. No specialist technicians, no messy installation or office renovation required. It’s that simple.



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