The Latest KUDUwave Software

Whats different:

  • Noah Compatibility
  • Various performance improvements 


 Download the KUDUwave 5 Manual



Noah 4 Compatibility Module

  Noah 4 Module

Noah Module requires the latest version of KUDUwave and Noah 4

 View this help article for installation and usage instructions

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KUDUwave Pre-recorded Word lists

While KUDUwave software is provided with english word lists as standard, as new wordlists become available they will be placed here for download. Wordlists may be provided free of charge or as a premium purchase. 


Word Recognition


Speech Reception Threshold

English WR isiZulu WR   English SRT Afrikaans SRT
Afrikaans WR Sepedi WR      



Request Wordlists below

If you have a specific need for a wordlist that is not currently listed below please use the 'request a word list" form on this page and we will let you know as soon as it is available