Introducing a new era in audiometry




The very latest addition to the feature set which adds integrated tympanometry to the KUDUwave™ 

KUDUwave™ TMP offers double the speed and value for money of any standard audiometer by incorporating dual tympanometers integrated into each ear cup capable of bilateral simultaneous tympanometry. 

That means tympanometry in half the time. 

Feature quick-list:

  • Super fast and reliable testing
  • Intelligent, easy to use software
  • Bilateral tympanometry (226Hz probe) 
  • Reflexes  500Hz, 1kHz, 2kHz, 4kHz, BBN (Ipsilateral & contralateral)
  • Reflex decay test
  • Eustachian tube function testing
  • Manual pressure sweep capability
  • Automatic testing & tympanogram classification
  • Automatic seal checking 
  • Integrated into any KUDUwave Device

Bilateral Simultaneous Tympanometry

Fast and Easy Middle Ear Tests of both ears at the same time.

A world-first in audiology, bilateral tympanometry offers many advantages over traditional systems.

  • It alleviates issues related to testing children who may not let you test an additional ear once they have experienced the first ear test
  • It makes testing fast, really fast. By the time you would have taken to test one ear with traditional tools you will already be done. 
  • 2 independent tympanometers means that you will always have options should one get damaged in the field. You can simply keep going. 


Test patients in half the time and with half the effort. 


Tympanometry made quick and simple

Intuitive software packed with automated functions such as automatic tympanogram classifications, to make tympanometry faster and easier than ever.





Acoustic Reflexes

With Acoustic Reflex Threshold, Acoustic Reflex Decay.

  • Reflex frequencies 500 Hz, 1 kHz, 2 kHz, 4 kHz
  • Broadband noise
  • Pulsed or continuous activator-stimuli

Ipsilateral & Contralateral measurements

  • Ipsi- & contralateral reflexes come as standard
  • Reflex measurements in both ears without alternating the probe tip and stimulus-activator earphone. 
  • Time-saving
  • Reflex measurements history stored for each frequency as you test


eastachian tube

Eustachian Tube Function

Multiple tympanograms can be displayed for each ear and with the ability to switch between results and/or delete as necessary.

The ability to display multiple tympanograms also enables the testing of the Eustachian Tube Function in a simple and intuitive manner.

tympanogram software

Intelligent and Easy to use Software

The software is easy to use, simple to understand and super fast. 

Test left, right or both ears simultaneously and view all of the data on the single view-pane with the ability to have multiple tympanograms overlaid for easy results comparison.

Automatic Classification

Intelligent algorithms built into the software employ standard industry norms to analyse and classify tympanograms automatically. 

Customisable settings. 

Change test parameters, preference and calibrate your device all within a convenient dedicated settings panel. 


Superimposed tympanograms and real-time data presentation

The KUDUwave™ TMP's dual tympanometers means that users no longer need to switch ears during testing. 

It also means that the tympanograms of each ear are immediately viewable on the same set of axes and in real-time so that you can easily compare the results of one ear against the other and review both sets of data in a single view.



Automatic Seal Check and Autostart

The KUDUwave™ TMP Seal checker automatically monitors the seal of the probe in the patient's ear and indicates correct positioning with on-device LED indicators as well as within the software interface so you never have to worry about proper insertion, seal and quality results.

Once a good seal is detected, you are on your way. Set testing to start immediately once a seal if detected or wait until bilateral seals are achieved.  Both ears in half the time.


KUDUwave™ Calpods - Making calibration quick and easy

Ensure accuracy in the presence of changing environmental variables such as temperature, humidity and barometric pressure with KUDUwave™  Calpods. These calibration pods are provided with every TMP device and allow you to quickly and easily verify and calibrate the tympanometer on the fly. 





Quick Coupler System

A super convenient way of switching between tympanometry and pure tone testing. The new quick coupler system is engineered to make life easy.

Quick and Easy