Biological Calibration Checks In Less Than 30 Seconds

X-check (cross-check) is a digital calibration verification tool designed to replace manual calibrations checks and is available as an add-on for all KUDUwave™ devices.
It enables accurate calibration verification (within 5dB) to objectively measure and ensure the precision of your results.

Audiometer calibration should be performed annually. In some standards such as the South African SANS 10154-1.3 for occupational health, quarterly calibration intervals are required for portable audiometers. This also applies to any audiometers which are moved from one location to another. That being said, regular calibrations are a requirement for every audiometric testing scenario.

But what happens between calibration intervals?

Regular calibration is mandatory, but your audiometer, whether static or portable can go out of calibration at any point during the year. A bump or bent cable could be the difference between correct and incorrect test results. Even the slightest error could alter your treatment path. The effect could be exaggerated in a high volume testing scenario such as occupational health.

So, how do you ensure that your results are always on point?

That is where biological calibration checks come in.

They are a requirement of most standards and best practice guidelines.
These checks are intended to ensure that your audiometer is performing as expected between calibration intervals and should be done daily, prior to performing any tests.

But, how many clinicians or occupational health practitioners actually do this standard check?


Why biological checks aren't good enough

Biological tests are done by testing the hearing of a subject with known hearing values, often the clinician or another staff member. If the results match, the device should still be calibrated. Simple. Or is it?

Biological checks are subjective in nature, and can be affected by certain factors such as; the health of the subject or the subject's recent exposure to noise. Both of which can affect thresholds. A common cold can affect your hearing levels, even before you are acutely aware that you are ill. They can also be a pain and take up valuable time to perform which means that some clinicians tend to skip them all together.

Calibration checks are allowed an effective 20dB range of accuracy (10dB either direction), coupled with our own biological variations this makes them inaccurate.

When even a 10dB variation in test results could make all the difference should we really rely solely on this form of verification?


That is why we developed X-check.

X-check replaces biological checks with a more reliable and accurate digital calibration verification that takes just 30 seconds to run.
You will not only save time but also ensure that you stay compliant with the relevant standards, follow best practice and produce accurate test results between calibrations.


X-check Biological Calibration replacement